The gazelle has to outrun the fastest lion, but the lion just has to outrun the slowest gazelle.

Which one do you want to be?

In your pursuit of success, dealing with problems, overcoming fears or challenges, you need to adopt a posture of offence, in order to bring yourself to the next level.

Being offensive is not about being rude, arrogant or condescending in the way you deal with others. It’s about being proactive while being respectful and honouring towards others.

If you feel there might be an issue with your product, call the customer right away to address the issue, even before the customer calls you.

If you are scared of having a tough conversation with your manager, go for it and initiate it anyway, instead of waiting for it to disappear or waiting for things to happen.

If you are unsure about something, ask, voice your concerns and speak up, instead of staying silent and pretending it’s okay to glance over it.

If someone has wronged you, initiate the process of forgiveness. Be the first one to step up to settle the issue, because you are the bigger person.

If you have an idea, step up and speak up and do something about it, instead of hoping that others might read your mind.

If someone has screwed up, step in to offer a helping hand and to wipe up the mess together, instead of watching and doing nothing from a distance.

Taking a posture of offence means that you intentionally put yourself in a position where you are switched on, on top of your game and are ready to strike.

It means that you are positioned to be the bigger person, to add value and to make things happen – while many others wait, stand and stare, hope things will be alright or find someone/something to blame.

This, in essence, allows you to impact others, make a difference and exercise leadership and influence. And you don’t even need a big job title/position to do it.

And if you are taking a offensive stance, the odds might actually be in your favour.

The druglord who is running away from the cops [defensive] has to get lucky all the time. The cops who are pursuing the druglord [offensive] just have to get lucky once.

The professional who is protecting and maintaining the status quo [defensive] has to get it right always. The professional who is pressing for the next breakthrough or innovation [offensive] just has to get it right once, and everything changes.

The individual who runs away from a particular fear [defensive] will always be running away from it. The individual who sucks it up, musters his courage, faces the fear head on and executes despite the fear [offensive] will conquer the fear once and for all.

I’m sure you have your own set of goals, dreams and aspirations for 2017. I pray that you will take hold of an attitude and posture of offence and go all in towards achieving greatness in the year ahead.

Dream big and keep hustling. Attack and go for gold!